Founder and Chairman

My name is Philip Wendell L. Paloma. I am the Senior Pastor of Christ the Cornerstone of Life Community Church here in the Philippines. I had been in the ministry of prayer and intercession for 6 years. I had been doing evangelistic missions in different places in my country. I have a passion to raise up brides for Christ who will have a deep level of intimacy, obedience and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. I had previous experiences as a marketplace intercessor consultant for businesses here in the Philippines. I believe in the operations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the marketplace. I believe that God desires to prosper and bless Godly Christian businesses to become a light and a salt in the marketplace. I am called to empower and intercede for Christian businesses so they can walk in their calling and mission in the marketplace. My heart is to see presence driven Christian businesses succeed and experience breakthroughs as they testify the goodness and the love of God to their employees, customers and clients, vendors and community.

I long to see our vision for Prophetic Marketplace Intercessors come to pass. I desire to partner with Christian businesses so they can walk in their calling and mission from the Lord. I am praying that Christian businesses will become faithful stewards of God’s resources in the marketplace. I am praying that these businesses will be able to testify and reveal God in the marketplace. I pray that our vision and mission come to pass before the Lord comes back for His brides. I desire to see more presence driven businesses operating in the principles of the Kingdom of God grow and prosper!

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Thank you for reading! God bless you and your business!

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